Don Gillmor

Don Gillmor is a journalist and novelist living in Toronto. His most recent novel was Kanata. His journalism and criticism has appeared in Saturday Night, Rolling Stone and The Walrus, among others. He is the winner of nine National Magazine Awards.

Stories from Don Gillmor

It was a suspension of not just gravity, but time
Monday, April 8th, 2013

I stood under a cloudless sky near the peak of Mont Fort, at Verbier, Switzerland, staring at the glaciers of Grand Combin, which shone like starched sheets. Mont Fort is one of the steepest ski runs in Europe. Most of the people who came up on the tram went back down on it. My friend Ken and I had come to Europe to ski and escape ourselves. We were in our fifties, a shadowy decade. Looking down at the canton of Valais, I felt a combination of exhilaration and fear and simple awe. The world laid out, endless in its possibilities. Though the price was a treacherous descent.

Friday, May 27th, 2011

The fellowship of the poker table can be an uneasy thing.

photo by Ryan Girard